European U-Boat News

Two stories regarding U-boats in Europe:

* – U-864, the first submerged submarine to be sunk by another submerged submarine, is currently leaking mercury into the ocean at alarming rates. The submarine was transporting 65 tons of mercury, engineers, and plans and parts of jet aircraft to Japan when it was sunk by a British submarine in the North Sea near the Norwegian island of Fedje. In order to stop the poison from further contaminating seafood in the area, the Norwegian Navy plans to bury the wreck in 12 meters of sand, and then entomb the area in concrete. Apparently this has worked before.

* – U-534, which was raised in the 1990s by a millianaire hunting for lost Nazi gold, will soon be cut into three or four sections in order to be moved and housed as a permanent museum attraction. The submarine, one of four U-boats left above water in the world, was sunk by depth charges in 1945.


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