Why Garage Night?

After a few missteps in blogging, I have come to realize that I need just one blog that I can dump all of the random thoughts in my head into.  Welcome to it.  The inspiration for the name of the blog comes from the regular hang out of my high school years and undergraduate-summers – my friend Chris’ garage.  Nothing was ever really set in stone; if you wanted to hang out, you came over to Chris’ house.  He was usually working on one of his cars, and some times the tone of the evening would be set my the need to re-torque the exhaust headers on the Corvette.  Or we would all need to talk about the newest headaches our girls had caused.  Or why I shouldn’t move back out to Pittsburgh.  Or Pittsgrove.  Or back to Pittsburgh.  It was a safe, non-structured place that we could talk about anything we needed or wanted to.  Kinda like this blog.

For a while, I may not post too regularly.  I may even try to salvage some old posts from Double Singularity if I can.  But the goal here is to at least get thinking.  And then writing again.


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