Remember when MCP was a chess program?

Lately there has been quite a bit of buzz about the Tron sequel. Before I go any further, I would like to go on the record as saying that I am completely stoked about it, and can’t wait to go see it. So perhaps I am a bit biased. But the one thing that I wouldn’t have even considered previously was the amount of dirt being thrown on the new movie (before it’s release, no less) for being a sequel of a flop. Tron? A flop?
I just didn’t understand where most of this was coming from. I had grown up on 1980s sci-fi flicks. Tron was released the same year I was born. It was as much of my pop culture repertoire as The Last Starfighter, Flight of the Navigator, Enemy Mine, or any of the big franchises (looking at you, Star Wars and Trek). It’s easy to look at box office grosses and point to a movie’s worth. After all, to paraphrase a 1980s exec, Hollywood is not in the business of making movies; they are in the business of making money. But I think that the amount of hate that Tron:Legacy is receiving is channeled from the same core of people that harshed on Scott Pilgram Vs The World earlier in the year.
I don’t believe that it is too much of a stretch to say that both movies shared a certain audience demographic. Scott Pilgram was put down chiefly for being a movie that Millennials (God I hate that term) would like. Tron:Legacy is touted as a useless sequel to an ‘Eh’ movie. With hardly no imagination you could see that these reviews were written by members of an older generation that feels as though its being pushed by Boomers on one end, and us youngin’s on the other. (Hey Gen-Xers, remember when your parent’s hated The Clash?) .
Clearly quite a few people besides me are excited. That’s why Wired magazine devoted so much space to it. Those of us who grew up with a PC (or Apple IIe as it were) grew up in the world of Tron, with its logic and virtual universe. Think of it as an 80’s On the Road, or White Album, or whatever they had in the 70s (disco?).
A parting thought; in the late 70s execs at Paramount were at a meeting trying to think of a movie to produce to capitalize on the sci-fi wave generated by the success of the Star Wars movies. Someone in the corner of the room pointed out that they had some unused scripts from a show they had canceled in the 60s after barely 3 seasons. It was a space western that had flopped in the ratings. Any guesses on how many Trek fans are out there now?
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