This is why they go ice fishing…

I haven’t even made it through the first full week of January and I’m ready for warmer weather. Not that the cold bothers me, but it means that I can’t be out fishing. As those closest to me will tell you, the fact that I haven’t been fishing since before Thanksgiving is reason for concern.
One of the best things that fishing provides is a chance for my noggin to decompress a bit. Think about it; whenever you get too stressed out, ever find yourself closing your eyes, inhaling deeply, and just concentrating on the flow of air through your nose and lungs? Same basic idea, but instead you’re focusing on slow, careful movements and casting your bait precisely where you need it to go. I suppose that is the underlying idea of yoga (anyone? I’m guessing here). You also get the added benefit of being out in nature.
As it stands, hunting season is drawing down so the television networks have started running fishing shows more frequently. This only makes matters worse for me. So to help me channel this pent up fishing energy, I made up a quick Top 5 Goals for this upcoming fishing season.
5). Tie my own flies. You know those goals you put on the list because they don’t take much effort to accomplish? This is one of them. I have a nice fly tying kit sitting on my workbench in the garage. I might even use it now.

4). Catch a catfish. This may sound like a crazy goal, but I’ve never actually hooked one. The 2009 Raccoon Lake Monster may have been one of these, or a species higher up on the list, but civilization may never know what that was. I’ve seen others catch them, and I saw one float to the surface of the Ohio and die not too long ago (and people swim in that?), so maybe I can get myself a river monster.

3). Drag at least four different people fishing and make them actually fish. Extra points if they catch anything. Having the canoe is a nice hook (get it?) to get novices to go, and you can even read Sweet Valley books while waiting for a bite. Getting my brother to go trout fishing for the first time is included in this one, as is getting Ang to actually fish in this calender year.

2). Catch a pike or musky. Seriously, these things are like fresh water sharks. They are crazy long, have gnarly teeth, and are made out of pure muscle. I’ve heard some rumors of them out in Raccoon Lake…we’ll see.

1). Catch steelhead up by Lake Erie. What’s not to love about catching 2 or 3 foot long trout? I managed to get a steelhead pole at Bass Pro Shops on the cheap this fall; once I pair it with a good reel, it’s all a matter of getting up to Erie at the right time. Of course, the right time means that the weather is nice (but not great), no one else is fishing there, and that the fish are actually in the streams feeding.

I promised Jackie in August 09 that I wouldn’t do anything stupid while fishing by myself. I’ve only broken that promise a few times since, so to help my batting average feel free to let me know that you want to tag along. Hey ya’ll, watch this!


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