Fishing So Far This Year

So far, I haven’t had quite the same amount of success that I had managed last year at this point. I (luckily) got in a steelhead trip which I finally posted about (in excruciating detail), and have been trying my luck at trout fishing my local stream. Last year, I had a perfect spot where I would limit out in no time. This year, the stream has changed enough (and is pressured enough) that I have only managed to catch three trout – a brown trout on a worm, and two small rainbows on treble hooks and trout dough. Hopefully things will pick up.
At this point, I’m typing mostly just for the sake of getting something written. Hopefully the weather will start to cooperate so that I can start to repair the giant canoe. I also grabbed an information packet about New Jersey fish stocking (& etc), so I may start to look into getting my father’s canoe back in shape and get a temporary license the next time I am out there for a while.


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