Montour Run report, May 11 2011

The water is lower than it has been the last few weeks, and is also clearer than I would like it. Spent some time fishing all over yesterday to no avail, and spent three hours today trying to sneak up on two palomino trout that were holding in the bends upstream from the Forrest Grove Sportsman’s Club. Both were about a foot long, and there was a similarly sized rainbow trout hanging out with them. The fish would charge on my presentations, but no matter what bait or lure I used, they would back off last minute. These fish have seen too many casts, and I think the clear water was making the line and sinkers easier for them to spot. Hopefully I will be able to fish these two guys again, as this is only the second time that I’ve been able to make any casts towards palomino. Next time!


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