I’ve been out…

Sorry that I haven’t added much to this lately, but life seems to keep tossing stuff my way that I have to give my attention to. For one thing, I recently was promoted to assistant manager to a different bookstore in my company, so the change in settings coupled with the added stress of the new position has greatly reduced my productivity at home. Honestly the only reason I have time to write this up right now is because I had to drive out early to take care of a problem (that is only half my fault).
The one thing that I can say is that fishing has been pretty poor since the last time I got to post a report about it. Raccoon Lake in particular has seemed pretty barren. I’ve been out a few times in my kayak trying to hook up with some lake monster, but I haven’t even had a nibble. Montour has not been much better, due to the low water levels, but I managed to grab a few small hybrid sunfish out of there recently, and also hooked a 11″ smallmouth on a worm from my mulch. Hopefully I can get a bass this year that actually measures out over a foot. I also managed to add white sucker fish to my list of fish caught this year; I should really work on a chart for this site with my fishing statistics by year.
There is much more to post about, I hope I get the time to sometime soon!


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