A New Year, A New List

I’ve never really been one for New Year’s resolutions. Or New Years, for that matter. After all, it’s a calender change only slightly more important than February turning into March. But the fact that everyone is forced to correct themselves after almost a full year of writing “2011” forces one to come to terms with how much they’ve procrastinated for the last half a year. Which brings us to this post.

Last January I wrote a quick post with 5 fishing goals for 2011. Running down the list, I totally started tying my own flies. We will ignore that I did not go fly fishing once, as I was intelligent enough to set a very easy and specific goal. Caught a catfish as well. Small, but still a catfish.
As far as dragging 4 people fishing, I kinda did that. I managed to get Jackie and Ang out fishing, and both of them actually caught fish! Considering I awarded extra points for catching something, this almost barely counts. (See how easy it is to turn goals half-met into a true accomplishment?) While on a down note, I will say that I did not catch any pike or musky.
As for the top thing on my list, I fished the heck out of Erie this fall. Jackie and I managed an April trip, and I went a few times in October and November as well. Actually caught my second largest fish up there in October, and had fun even if I didn’t catch anything (blizzards do not count).

My laziness is catching up with me here, so I should toss out 5 more goals for next year. After all, I’m going to need something to write about next year.

5). What the heck, I’ll put pike/Musky hunting back on here.
4). I’ll even throw on the thing about dragging 4 people fishing. Only legit this time. 4 people. Fishing.
3). Actually catch a fish with a fly that I tied.
2). I’ve been ice fishing twice, and caught nothing. It’s time to add some kill markings to that tally sheet.
1). Design, produce, and sell my own fishing lures.

Wait, what was that last one? You’ll have to check back to find out. And on that bombshell, goodnight!


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