Mon River February 28, 2013

Time of day: 3:45pm – 4:30pm
Air Temp: 33 degrees, 10 mph winds
Flurries, Full Moon, River at 12.63 feet

I had some left over minnows from fishing at Canonsburg Lake, so I took them to the boat launch in Elizabeth, PA.  Trip was more of an excuse to check out the boat ramp than to actually get some fishing done.  It was more than frigid, but noticed that there was a storm drain outlet right next to the ramp.  I tossed some hooked minnows over there, and around 4pm I had something start steadily bend the rod tip down.  In my excitement, I tried to set the hook.  Naturally, I pulled the hook right out of the mouth of whatever it was.  Rule #1: Always fish crazy slow in cold water.Tried to temp whatever it was for a while longer, but I gave up before it gave in. Maybe when the water is warmer I can check for smallmouth near that outlet.
There are plenty of barges that are moored along the river here; not sure how fish will relate to parked barges.  There are two pilings for the bridge just down river. Aside from snags, I anticipate that there will be fish around there as well.  Just watch out for barge traffic trying to get into the locks.
(add pics here)


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