Rocket Dog repairs

I stayed up on Saturday night and made some quick repairs to Indy’s costume.  I patched in a double piece of vinyl where the front velcro ripped out, and started stiching reinforcements into the waist straps.  I also spread out the stiching on the velcro; instead of a heavy stitch in the center of the piece, I spread it out over a few inches so that there would be less stress on any one point.


I am going to have to go around the outer edge with a heavier stitch to clean it up; You can tell that I was in a rush to get it done.  The rocket is going to have to be replaced as well, and while I’m at it I will try to keep it down to about 12″ long, as opposed to the 16.5″ it is now.  I might reinforce the spine area of the vinyl with other material as well, and use a large block of velcro instead of the straps.  The straps are a pain to get right when you have a wiggling puppy.  Anyway, it’ll hold together for now, and pups will look great for our non-existent trick-or-treaters.



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