Rocket Dog!

Halloween approached a lot faster than I thought it would this year (I’m pretty sure that it’s still late August) and I realized I had to put a costume together for Indy dog.  I can’t remember what strange thoughts brought me to it, but I decided that he would be going as a Rocketeer.  Since he wasn’t going to be packing fuel in his rocket pack I decided that he wouldn’t need a helmet; he has a pair of Doggles that he won’t wear that would do.   At first I thought that I would make a quick cardboard rocket, put some velcro straps around his belly, and call it a day.  As I started putting it together in my head, however, I added a bit more and started stitching together a bomber jacket for the pooch.


Rather than putting velcro around his entire belly, I made a quick jacket out of some vinyl fabric and sewed velcro onto the top.  I screwed some more velcro strips onto the cardboard tube of the rocket, and mistakenly called it done.  I have a bunch of my father’s patches left from his stint in the Air National Guard, so they helped flesh out the costume, as did a Columbia STS patch I had laying around.  I was going to paint on mission markers and kill markings ala WW2 bomber crew jackets, but the paint did not react well to the scrap of vinyl I tried it on.  Maybe next time.  After the above photo, I decided it needed something else, so I tied some green jute twine around some floral wire and super glued it to the back of the rocket so that it would have a fuse.


Luckily the setup lasted long enough to get this photo.  Indy of course LOVED the attention, but as you can see the rocket flopped all over the placed and stressed the vinyl.  It would have been ok sitting on the porch passing out candy, but when you have a couple dozen other pets, kids running up and wanting to pet him, and a few crates of kittens waiting to be adopted…well, if you don’t have a jack russell in your life, it may be hard to imagine the insane amount of excited vibrating that this little dog did.  About a minute before the costume contest started, the vinyl failed.  BAD.  One of the waist straps ripped off at the seam, and the rocket ripped off, taking the velcro and a chunk of the top of his costume with it.  So, yeah. So much for that.

I’m stubborn as heck, so I’ll prolly try to salvage what I can, see what failed, and upgrade it all for next year. My first instinct is to replace the rocket; I weighed the rocket when I got home, and it came in a 7.8 oz.  For such thin material, a half pound held on with thread is probably too much.  Focusing on the rocket instead of the whole costume should also allow me to come up with something really eye-popping.

I did have one happy puppy, tho.  He pretty much slept the rest of the day 🙂


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